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Could this be the world’s largest flying tourbillon?

written by Hours and Minutes Australia June 13, 2017

KERBEDANZ has premiered Maximus flying Tourbillon, the largest tourbillon in the world. The Maximus flying Tourbillon has a 27-millimeter tourbillon cage. This is almost twice the size of the largest one known to date. Yes, this makes it the largest wristwatch with tourbillon in the world. Considering this, the name Maximus really suits the watch. The name is also an allusion to Circus Maximus, a venue in Rome, used in the past for horse-drawn chariot races.

A little history lesson here. The tourbillon was invented by Abraham Louis Breguet (1747- 1823). The complication places the regulating organ of the watch inside a cage that turns on itself,  compensating for errors due to gravitational forces. Today, the precision that a tourbillon provides is much appreciated. But, the endless fascination of watching the tourbillon workings on the watch is next level beauty.

When size matters

The Maximus flying tourbillon allows you to better observe and understand the subtleties of this fascinating mechanism, thanks to its sheer size. But, it is the size factor that poses challenges in the creation. In watchmaking, enlarging the size of certain components does not mean just multiplying their size. Everything needs to be reinvented and recomputed.

This is where the expertise of the company’s watchmakers comes in. This watch required conception and manufacturing of a special balance spring, a rack with a screw for fine adjustment, and a balance wheel. The cage makes a full rotation once every six minutes, and not in sixty seconds, which is usually the case.

The watch is made up of 415 carefully assembled components, of which 73 are dedicated to the tourbillon cage. The latter is made entirely of titanium and only weighs 1.35 grams. Four barrel springs in parallel driving a central wheel mounted on ball-bearings produce the torque to supply a tourbillon of such size.

The master watchmakers have ensured that the aesthetics of the watch are refined and highly elegant, in sync with the spectacular movement, Calibre KRB-08. The 49 mm case is BIGG!! and the gold dial has been exclusively designed, manufactured and hand-decorated by KERBEDANZ.

The Maximus flying Tourbillon lives up to its name…being grand, spectacular and splendid.

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