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Bremont launches its 2018 collection

by Hours and Minutes Australia

Co-founded by brothers Nick & Giles English in 2002, Bremont has made a substantial impact on the watch scene in a very short period of time. The brand remains true to its original principles of aviation and military, British engineering and adventure. This 2018, the award-winning British luxury watch brand announced 10 new watches as part of its 2018 collection.

Let’s take a look…

Bremont U-2/51-JET

Yup the name says it all. The U-2/51-JET takes its design cues from a military project commissioned by the RAF’s 100 Squadron to celebrate their centenary and complement their Hawk T1 Jet aircraft. This new timepiece incorporates a striking combination of the brand’s trademark vintage ‘51’ lume, originally found on the Limited Edition P-51, together with heat treated steel blued hands.

“Our military projects continue to be an amazing test bed for new design features and the work we did for the Hawk T1 Fighter Squadron is a prime example of this. The jet black that is synonymous with them was a key focus to translate into the watch design; to that end we developed a new type of anodization which helped us achieve a much deeper black on the aluminium barrel. If you compare this to the U-2 DLC for instance you can really see the difference. The colour contrast between the jet black, vintage lume and blue hands makes for arguably our stealthiest watch to date.”, adds Nick English, Bremont Co-Founder.

Offered in a 43mm Stainless steel DLC Trip-Tick® case, the U-2/51-JET is tougher and more hard wearing than ever.  The extensive testing history behind this range and its proven military credibility, having been put through its paces on missions flying at 80,000 ft for over 12 hour stints and tested to temperatures as low as -50 degrees, makes this an incredibly durable pilot’s watch.

In terms of the actual movement, the watch incorporates, Bremont’s renowned antishock rubberised movement mount, designed to withstand the MB ejection seat programme, and Roto-Click® technology on the bidirectional rotating inner bezel which measures 60 minutes. Turning the watch over reveals an exhibition case back showing the beautiful Modified calibre 11 ½’’’ BE-36AE automatic chronometer movement through the tinted black smoked glass.


Bremont S500

Being a thrill seeker doesn’t mean you have to leave your sense of style or identity aside, and a watch that allows you to experience the wonders of life beneath the waves is a sure – fire way to hold on to your individuality. Bremont’s first diving watch, the S500 (Supermarine 500) was first introduced in 2009, with the intention of building a robust but beautifully engineered diving watch that was very practical in design, but also tied into the brand’s strong aviation heritage.  The range was named as a tribute to the brothers’ love of the iconic British aircraft manufacturer responsible for the Supermarine S6B Schneider Trophy Seaplane and of course the incredible Supermarine Spitfire.

This 2018, Bremont is introducing the S501 in a 43mm case, 3mm larger than the S300 which was introduced last year.  Once again, the black dial is accented by coloured applied indexes which use the company’s iconic ‘P-51’ SuperLumiNova®, the new look unidirectional ceramic rotating bezel has also been carried on along with the band of copper around the crown to set off the indexes.

A knurled effect on the dial has been incorporated for the first time, an effect also seen on the middle barrel of the MB range, which adds certain depth to the face of the watch. Bremont has used an exhibition case back with this model, another first for the Supermarine range, enabling the beautifully finished and decorated movement to be showcased.

Bremont is releasing two new variants of the S500, one in blue and one in black.  Whilst the S500/BL no longer has a solid 20 minute marker on its sapphire bezel, the day date window has been kept from the original design. The blue dial has been updated to match the same pantone as the S300 Blue and the applied indexes are filled with C3 lume. The S500/BK draws on some of the design elements from the more technical S2000 model, its black dial is framed by a new unidirectional ceramic bezel insert. Still very much aviation inspired, the closed case backs of both models feature an engraving of the Supermarine Seaplane, something that has become somewhat of a trademark of this range, and subtly highlighting the connection between sea and air.

The Supermarine is extremely durable and has been built to withstand some of the murkiest coditions under water.  Inspired by Bremont’s core principles, these specialised 43mm dive watches are all built to chronometer specification and are certified to 500m. Over-engineered in all respects, the design of the Supermarine has been built using Bremont’s unique Trip-Tick® three-piece case construction and features the distinctive off-set crown with crown protector on the side of the inner barrel.


Bremont ALT1-C

First introduced in 2007, the ALT1-C is Bremont’s best selling watch and has now become an iconic part of the brands’ line-up. It’s a timeless classic and this 2018, the ALT1-C will be offered in two variants; a signature blue dial (synonymous with the RAF) with a blue nubuck strap or stainless steel bracelet and a white dial with a vintage leather strap or stainless steel bracelet.

The panda dial design of the ALT1-C White featuring black subdials and incorporating a subtle internal black bezel is a nice counterpart to the heritage themed ALT1-C/CR

New applied indexes replace Arabic numerals creating a more minimalist and contemporary feel to the 2018 ALT1-C/BL and ALT1-C/WH-BK models providing a contrast to the existing core range. The satin case features an enlarged exhibition case back for better visibility of the beautifully finished BE-50AE chronometer-rated movement with 42 hour power reserve.


Bremont AIRCO

Bremont celebrates 100 years of British Military Aviation with the launch of their 2018 AIRCO Collection. 3 new watches including the introduction of a MACH 3 Model, join the collection. AIRCO is an ideal choice for enthusiasts wanting something a little more compact. Named after the ‘Aircraft Manufacturing Company Limited’, one of the first British military aircraft manufacturers, the AIRCO collection signalled the first time that Bremont produced a slightly smaller watch geared towards men.

In terms of its design, the AIRCO harks back to the older classic pilot’s watches. The MACH 1 and MACH 2 models are available in white dial variants. Similar in design to its dark-dialled counterpart, the MACH 1 with satin steel case now boasts a red second hand presenting a distinctive contrast against the white dial. The design has quite a military feel to it, particularly with the vintage C3 lume on the numerals and teamed with a brown vintage leather strap.

The AIRCO MACH 2, featuring a polished stainless steel case and white dial set with applied indexes, remains very classic in style and will sit beautifully alongside the anthracite dial Bremont released in 2017. This was a design, inspired by what would have been more of an officer’s dress watch, that very much responded to a demand for a smarter model that could easily fit under the cuff.

“Having focused on 43mm watches for many years, the introduction of the AIRCO range last year was really the first deviation from this in terms of the men’s range. We felt it was important to diversify the Bremont offering, adding something a little more compact. Both Giles and I have been surprised by how different it feels on by comparison with the 43mm cases, it’s certainly a very comfortable everyday watch. We’ve been encouraged to see how well the watch has been received since launch, appealing perhaps to a slightly different demographic.”, added Nick English, Co-Founder, Bremont.

The new AIRCO MACH 3 features the signature military RAF blue on the dial and comes in a satin case finish. The dial bears applied baton index markers inlaid with Super-LumiNova® and the red tip of the seconds hand makes for a smart contrast against the blue dial.


New Limited Edition Bremont Endurance

Designed to be tested beyond endurance and under the most severe places on earth, that’s Bremont for you. For this new limited edition watch Bremont is working with record-breaking polar explorer Ben Saunders. Ben’s latest Trans-Antarctic Solo Expedition was a natural progression further to the success of the purpose-built Terra Nova back in 2014.  Whilst the Terra Nova was designed to accompany Ben on what was set to be the longest human-powered polar journey in history, an incredible 1,800 mile trip, the new Bremont Endurance set out with Ben in November 2017 to make the first solo and unsupported crossing of Antarctica.  This west-to-east traverse from Berkner Island to the Ross Ice Shelf via the South Pole and the Shackleton Glacier was planned by Ben’s close friend Lt Col Henry Worsley, who nearly completed the expedition before falling ill and passing away in hospital in Chile in January 2016.

Named in honour of Shackleton’s most famous expedition – one which saw him rescue his entire crew after his ship ‘Endurance’ was crushed in the sea ice – the route of which Ben was retracing solo, the name is of course also a nod to the company maxim of being ‘Tested Beyond Endurance’. Shackleton getting his men back alive is one of the greatest stories of human endeavour and leadership, qualities Ben has certainly demonstrated over his twelve expeditions in the polar regions, having covered more than 7,000km north of the Arctic circle and South of the Antarctic circle since 2001. Naturally, the timepiece had to be able to withstand the extreme climate conditions of the Antarctic continent, being worn on the outside of Ben’s jacket to serve as a crucial navigational device with its GMT hand. The black dial together with its robust bi-directional rotating sapphire bezel features orange compass heading markers, complementing the North indicator on the GMT hand, all designed for ease of navigation and clarity against the stark white of Antarctica.

Having already tried and tested the Terra Nova walking 1,800 miles across Antarctica, to the South Pole and back, Saunders was keen to be involved in as much of the design process as possible, insisting on titanium again for its obvious lightweight advantages. Knowing the level of micro engineering that goes into these mechanical machines and how beautifully finished the Bremont movements are, Ben also felt strongly that the Endurance should have an exhibition case back. To that end Bremont designed a new back, one which was robust enough to enable the watch to still reach depths of 500m and still be able to function in the rigorous climate conditions of the Antarctic plateau.

The development for the thicker case back came from a military project, drawing on the experience gained from the brand’s links and work in this area. Only being made in a limited run of 300 pieces, the Endurance features new contemporary styling on the applied indexes and comes on an orange nato strap.


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