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Celebrating Invention: IWC Schaffhausen’s 150th Jubilee tribute to Pallweber

by Hours and Minutes Australia

In a fitting recognition of a legacy born a century and a half ago, IWC Schaffhausen celebrates its 150th Jubilee with a special collection of 27 limited edition watches that best define its history.

Jubilee Collection. The name itself has a nice ring to it and 27 watches that comprise this 150-year celebration represent all the main design collections offered by IWC Schaffhausen including the Portugesier, Portofino, Da Vinci and Pilot lines. The Jubilee collection also has a new Tribute to Pallweber line of watches, newly developed and designed especially for the occasion.

IWC Schaffhausen Portugieser Chronograph Edition

While all the watches in the Jubilee Collection are worthy of mention, and all possess a similar design aesthetic that binds the otherwise extremely diverse timepieces together, to us, the Tribute to Pallweber series are the most exciting to talk about.

IWC Schaffhausen Portofino Hand-Wound Moonphase Edition

Vintage Re-invention

IWC Schaffhausen takes re-inventing the wheel to a new dimension with the Tribute to Pallweber watches for its 150th Jubilee Collection. In an homage to the original Pallweber pocket-watch designed by the brand in 1884, IWC has created a series of mechanical wristwatches with a digital time display.

The complex system of gear trains, balances, barrels and other components of the watch movement form the basis of an endless discussion amongst watch aficionados, but before we get into any of that, here is a look at what makes these Tribute to Pallweber watches special.

The Tribute to Pallweber watches come in three variants, one in platinum, limited to just 25 pieces, 250 pieces in 18K red gold and a steel version with 500 pieces and all feature a specially crafted lacquer dial which resembles the original enamel of the Pallweber pocket-watches.

The unconventionally displayed hours and minutes appear in two separate windows along the center of the dial, with the hours at 12 o’clock and the minutes in the middle of the dial. The windows are conveniently labelled too, just in case. A small seconds counter sits at 6 o’clock and features the only ‘hand’ on this 45mm watch, which has a decidedly art-deco look and feel.

The platinum and red gold Tribute to Pallweber watches have white lacquer dials with black printed details and blue or white time windows respectively. The stainless-steel model has a beautiful blue dial with black printed details and white time windows. All the watches, like every watch in the Jubilee Collection have black alligator leather straps, which add an air of formality to the collection.

Even more exciting is the 50-piece limited edition 18K red gold Tribute to Pallweber Edition ‘150 Years’ pocket-watch with a red gold chain that rounds out the ingenious line.

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