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INTERVIEW: In Conversation with Marc Ferrero on the new Hublot Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero Special Edition

There’s no denying Hublot Loves Art! Earlier this year, the Swiss Luxury Watchmaker and Marc Ferrero, the artist behind Storytelling Art, unveiled the Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero, a special timepiece dedicated to the women of today.

Marc Ferrero is one of the few contemporary painters who make it possible to claim that painting can still explore new avenues and continue, thanks to the power of imagination, blast century’s graphical adventure, which was the richest in terms of pictorial research. His body of work, associated with the Storytelling Art movement never ceases to intrigue because it possesses characteristics that are found nowhere else: fictional stories  that take us around the world and refer to all kinds  of cultures and invented characters, like real mirrors of the collective aspirations of our times. For Hublot, it is the unexpected blend of rare and innovative materials and for the artist and friend of the brand, it is the combination of different graphic styles on the same plane.

At Baselworld 2019, we caught up with Marc Ferrero, to learn a little more about his collaboration, his style and the new Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero Special Edition

The Hublot Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero is quite a quirky watch. Take us through what inspired you to create it.

The story of the watch is quite funny really! I clearly remember that morning, when we had a meeting with Hublot. We explored many ideas together. As soon as I spoke about this concept, it seemed to click immediately! For me, this process was akin to falling in love at first sight. The story and the concept just clicked and there was no looking back.

Hublot is generally perceived to be a brand for men. This collection adds a lot of spunk to the offering for women! What made Hublot the best partner for this?

Hublot is always searching for new things, and I think this is a quality that is very important. I was always a fan of the brand. Many of the people who buy my art also wear Hublot watches, and so in a sense I was familiar with the story of the brand. I knew the DNA and the ethos of Hublot. I knew how dynamic it is. I think we share a similar spirit. With my art expressed on the watch, we have been able to tell a wonderful story together.

What is the story of this watch?

It tells a story of the woman of our generation. She is a superwoman. She plays different roles with aplomb. I wanted to translate the feeling of being a woman in today’s times. She can be a femme fatale, a fashionista, a mother, a working woman….she is the central subject of the watch.

Working with such a small space, would have been quite challenging…

Initially I was apprehensive about the possibility of it working on a smaller scale, size-wise. We worked a lot over the detailing. While it was a challenging process it was every bit worth it. Thanks to great teamwork, we managed to translate the idea into reality. I must also add that we had complete liberty to create what we wanted. I was free to create and this is a very perfect and liberating feeling for any artist.

I have worked with Ferrari in the past. I love working with a brand that has a vision, and where we can successfully touch the hearts of many people in the market.

Is there another vision coming up for Hublot?

The original always has a kind of romance attached to it! The original painting of the “Lipstick” was a series of nine colours. I can imagine that we could execute this design in more colours.

Are you a watch enthusiast?

Yes, lately I have started taking a lot of interest in watches. Success offers you the possibility to indulge. So yes, I do follow the watch industry now.

I am impressed by the enthusiasm and the passion that I see around me. As I move about here at the fair, I realize that there is a lot of art and technique that goes into making a watch. The best however, is that watchmakers talk about these techniques to the enthusiasts, and this is an integral part of the communication to the buyer. I think the art world could learn this from the watch industry.

What are some of the similarities you see between art and fine watchmaking…

There are similarities in the spirit of creation. I think you can do everything with an artistic feeling. There is passion and vision for the future in both these realms. I am glad that I am able to work with both!

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