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Interview: Talking Time with Cadel Evans, Australia’s Most Celebrated Cyclist and a long standing friend of TAG Heuer

by Hours and Minutes Australia

He might just be the most incredible athlete we’ve ever produced and he isn’t cracking under pressure anytime soon. World Champion in 2009 and winner of the Tour de France in 2011; Cadel Evans is not only the most celebrated Australian cyclist ever, but one of the leading figures in the sport globally. A long standing friend of TAG Heuer, Evans loves his watches and having lived in Switzerland for over 20 years, the passion only grew stronger. At a recent event in TAG Heuer’s Sydney Boutique, we sat down with this legend for a little watch talk.

How important is time to you and in the world of professional cycling?

Time is everything.  All your training, all your racing and even your recovery…everything runs according to the clock. For this reason, pro riders in particular are big watch fans. Our life is run by the clock. Take it from a guy who lost the [2007] Tour de France by 23 seconds; time really dictates a professional rider’s life.

What does it take to be an elite cyclist?

Lots of hard work, training and dedication.  Quite a bit of luck.  Oh, and talent!

Your association with TAG Heuer.

Having lived in Switzerland for 20 years – including in Vallée de Joux 45 kilometres from TAG Heuer HQ – my interest in watches and time has always been strong.  TAG Heuer is a brand I have always admired, not only for their watches but for their quality and value for money within the watch industry.

Your next TAG Heuer would be….

I would love to get the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 for Stefania (Cadel’s girlfriend).

What is it about watches you enjoy?

Many reasons…mostly a watch is not only the most practical thing you wear, for me it’s about precision.  That such a precise machine can be so robust impresses me.  It’s a luxury that I can treat myself to and enjoy everywhere I go.

Do you remember the first watch you bought? 

I remember as a young kid, around five or six, having a fixation with owning a digital watch. My dad bought me a waterproof digital watch with a red Velcro diver’s band, and I wore it everywhere.

What makes a perfect timepiece?

Like everything in life, it’s all about balance.  The perfect timepiece should be functional, practical, and at the same time, it should also be beautiful.

What are your thoughts on Tour de France 2018 so far?

It’s been a more nervous opening week than usual, but it’s a very interesting race because the contenders are all so close.  (BMC Racing Team’s) Greg Van Avermaet has amazed and impressed me at how long he’s gone in yellow.

“Fracture. Clavicle”. Two words seen a lot in the world of professional cycling. Your thoughts…

I’m on first name basis with my orthopaedic surgeon; how much detail do you want?  After the fifth time I broke my clavicle, I stopped counting how many fractures I’ve had.

(Our sincere thanks to Cadel Evans and TAG Heuer for making this interview possible)

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