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INTRODUCING: Bulgari Barocko High Jewellery Collection

by Hours and Minutes Australia

Inspired by the unbridled magnificence of Rome’s artistic and architectural heritage, the new Barocko High Jewellery Collection by Bulgari is a testament to the unparalleled sense of expertise and savoir faire of the Roman Jeweller. It’s the rare, precious and semi-precious stones and the use of deep rich colours that differentiates a lot of Bulgari’s work from the other labels on the market, making their pieces somewhat eccentric and altogether unique. The Barocko Collection is no different.

Through this collection, Bulgari conveys a message of hope, optimism, joy and positivity with its vibrant colors, extraordinary light effects, fanciful shapes and exquisite details.

Historically, the baroque movement began as a rebellion from the strict lines of classicism, a heady embrace of exotic motifs and unapologetically exuberant themes. Channeling this drama and grandeur, its sense of movement and abundance, Barocko is as complex and unpredictable as anything Bulgari has ever created.

“Barocko means “meraviglia”, that is “marvels”, “illusions”. It means “filling empty space with new proportions”. At Bvlgari, we are always inspired by Italian beauty, and by the uniqueness of Rome”, adds Fabrizio Buonamassa, Bvlgari Product Creation Executive Director

The Barocko high-jewellery watch collection comprises three masterpieces: Lady Arabesque secret watch, Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Arabesque and Serpenti High-Jewellery Baroque Pearls secret watch.

Lady Arabesque Secret Watch

Designed as a set with the Lady Arabesque necklace, which is exquisitely crafted in the Bulgari High-Jewellery Atelier in
Rome, the Lady Arabesque secret watch is crafted in pink gold with a single round rubellite measuring just under 12 carats, nearly 30 carats of pink sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines, emeralds, and some 13 carats of variously cut and pavé-set diamonds. The brilliant jewels recreate the richly textured lace that was a hallmark of Baroque, a delicate and daring execution that relies upon Bvlgari jewellery-making expertise.


High-jewellery secret watch with 14mm 18kt rose gold case, water-resistant up to 30m. 18kt rose gold snow pavé-set diamonds dial, hid by 1 round-cut rubellite (~11,94 cts). 18kt rose gold bracelet featuring a Baroque arabesque decor set with 3 round, 3 oval and 11 cushion-cut pink sapphires (~29,88 cts), 5 pear and 5 oval Paraiba tourmalines (~12,40 cts), 5 pear-shaped diamonds (~2,19 cts), 84 fancy shaped diamonds (~5,03 cts) and pavé-set diamonds. Quartz movement, Bvlgari customized and adorned with Bvlgari logo. Unique piece.

Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Arabesque

The Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Arabesque follows a similar aesthetic, embellishing the 44mm case with a baroque embroidery of pink sapphires, tourmalines, emeralds and diamonds. As the thinnest Tourbillon on the market, the insides of the watch are no less impressive, and feature the mechanical manufacture caliber BVL 268. It is a juxtaposition of minimalism and maximalism and a triumph of technical expertise.



Mechanical manufacture black skeleton movement with manual winding, world’s thinnest tourbillon caliber BVL 268 SK equipped with flying tourbillon and specific ball-bearings system (1.95 mm thin).

Case and dial

44mm 18kt rose gold octagonal case and bezel, set with 212 baguette-cut diamonds (~7,77 cts) and 48 round brilliant-cut diamonds (~2,81 cts), water-resistant up to 30 m. 18kt rose gold crown with black ceramic insert. 18kt rose gold Baroque arabesque decor set with 5 fancy-cut pink sapphires (~1,70 cts), 4 fancy-cut Paraiba tourmalines, 5 round brilliant-cut emeralds and 196 round brilliant and baguette-cut diamonds, inserted in the cap of the secret watch.


Green alligator leather strap with 18kt rose gold folding buckle set with baguette-cut diamonds.

Unique piece.

Serpenti High-Jewellery Baroque Pearls Secret Watch

Baroque’s iconic aesthetic, defined by sinuous lines, voluptuous shapes, intricate complexity and unpredictable fascination, is revisited through the Serpenti Misteriosi High-Jewellery Baroque Pearls secret watch. An upscale, one-of-a-kind piece within the Barocko collection, set with emeralds, Akoya pearls and diamonds, the piece is meant to rewrite the rules of High-Jewellery design and manufacturing and to pay homage to the « Perla Scaramazza. » An irregular natural pearl that is all the more spectacular due to its uniqueness and imperfect shape, it was used in jewelry during the Baroque Period (XVI – XVII) and eventually baptised the “Baroque pearl”. One of the most complex pieces in the Barocko collection, this creation required 2,300 hours to complete. Diamond pavé swirls channel the baroque inspiration, as do the over 220 pearls that embellish the incredibly supple bracelet. Chosen and matched for consistent color and size, the pearls alternate with diamond-set rings to demarcate the piece and align with the iconic Serpenti aesthetic. A rare cabochon-cut emerald of over 12 carats hides the snow-set diamond dial.


High-jewellery Serpenti Misteriosi secret watch with 30mm 18kt white gold case, water-resistant up to 30m. 18kt white gold snow-set pavé diamonds dial. 18kt white gold bracelet featuring 226 white natural pearls (~232 cts), snakes and Baroque volutes set with 3’605 round brilliant cut-diamonds (~38,2 cts), 1 cabochon-cut emerald (~12,15 cts) for the dial, 2 cabochon-cut emeralds (~4,61 cts) and 4 pear-shaped emerald eyes (~0,47 ct) for the 2 snakes. Quartz movement, Bvlgari customized and adorned with Bvlgari logo. Unique piece.

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