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INTRODUCING: Seiko Lukia Collection

by Hours and Minutes Australia

Seiko’s, newest mechanical wristwatch collection for women – ‘Lukia’ – is a glittering homage to Ginza, the watchmakers birthplace and one of Tokyo’s glitzy shopping districts, packed with upmarket boutiques and ritzy cocktail and sushi bars.

The collection comprises six models each of which features a dial in traditional Japanese color, overlaid on a mother-of-pearl base with a flower motif and eight diamond hour markers. The dial is coloured from both sides, which allows the full richness of the color to blend harmoniously with the texture of the mother-of-pearl dial. Boasting a case size of 34.8mm, its slender proportions and perfectly rounded edges ensure that it fits like a dream on narrow wrists.

From Left To Right: SPB138 Ao-shiro-tsurubami – The color of Ginza’s cobblestone streets, SPB135 Kurenai. The color of confidence.


From Left To Right: SPB138 Gofun – Made from powdered seashell, it is now used Kabuki cosmetics. One of Japan’s most famous Kabuki theaters is located in Ginza, SPB140 Sakura. The color of cherry blossom. A lasting homage to ephemeral beauty, SPB137 Ruri. The color of the evening sky.

Powered by Seiko’s latest automatic caliber, 6R35, the Lukia packs a power reserve of 70 hours—perfect for women on the go. The movement can be seen through the sapphire case back.

Also on offer is a special 250 piece limited edition watch to celebrate the arrival of Lukia on the international stage. The dial (Tsukishiro) is reminiscent of the blue-white evening sky that frames the Ginza skyline just before the moon appears. You’d think that the 55 diamonds on the bezel and 8 diamonds on the dial would look too ostentatious, but the SPB141 still manages to look dainty and pretty. The unique and distinguished look of the strap is made possible by a special, two-stage dyeing method. After the leather is first dyed white, the grooves in the pattern are then dyed light blue.

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