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My Watch Story by Vinnie Van Dyk

by Hours and Minutes Australia

Since a young age, I’ve always liked watches. Somewhere in the family photo album there is snap of me wearing a Casio Baby-G on each wrist, proudly showing them to the camera. Growing up I usually wore a watch and it would seem natural that I have progressed into a fully-fledged enthusiast. However, it wasn’t until I owned my first ‘nice’ watch that I found myself part of such a passionate community.

Working while studying and continually saving, I decided it would be a great idea to purchase my first luxury watch to mark my 21 st birthday and university graduation. This led to an extensive research process on finding the perfect piece for me. Something I could wear every day and be ready for any occasion. A ‘one watch’ contender. After reading countless reviews, articles, scrolling through Instagram trying to find that perfect watch, it was the Tudor Pelagos LHD that I became enamoured by.

Photo Credit: Vinnie Van Dyk, Instagram Handle: @tellyourtime

There is something about a dive watch that inspires adventure and in the Pelagos LHD, there is every bit of that go anywhere do anything sentiment. The LHD variation of the Tudor Pelagos has lovely uses of colour on the dial and date wheel, giving it an extra dose of character that is so enjoyable on wrist. With a titanium construction and one of the best bracelet/clasp combinations on the market, the Pelagos wears extremely well and is one of many reasons the watch hasn’t left my wrist a year after purchase. The lustre of titanium is unique to the metal and for an uncompromising tool watch, it really is quite pretty. Employing an in-house movement and high degrees of finishing, the value on offer is exceptional. I could go on about the specifications of the LHD, but what makes this watch is the feeling of it on the wrist.

There is always something special about firsts and this is no exception. Owning your first premium watch as an accolade of your past efforts is rewarding, but also invokes confidence that you have a reliable companion going forward. For an inanimate object, it provides so much tangible emotion. Whether it be an appreciation of a quality product, reward for hard work or simply bringing a smile to your face.

In today’s age, the argument for owning a luxury watch becomes less objective and ever more emotional. The Pelagos LHD is my analogue break from a digital world, an avenue for adventure and makes me smile every time I strap it on my wrist. From Australian beaches to the Nevada desert, office settings to inner city bars, the watch has seen quite a bit with the marks to show it, adding to the character and story of the first nice watch I’ve owned Social media has made it easier than ever to share your passion and shortly after purchasing my LHD, I discovered that there are many individuals far and wide who share this passion.

The world of watches is far bigger than I imagined and keeps growing every day. While my Tudor Pelagos LHD may not be the most expensive watch in the world, its value to me cannot be measured in dollars. There will always be watches more accurate, more exclusive, but none of those watches could replicate the feeling of when I put on my watch.

Photo Credit: Vinnie Van Dyk, Instagram Handle: @tellyourtime

Name: Vinnie Van Dyk
Instagram Handle: @tellyourtime

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