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Pretty In Pink | Hublot Big Bang Millennial Pink

by Hours and Minutes Australia

Written by @kari_watch

In a nod to their bold and audacious design language and love for some pretty crazy materials, Hublot presents the new Big Bang Millennial Pink. Hublot has never taken the traditional route, whether it’s brand positioning, brand strategy or even the watches themselves. Often labeled as a brand that has earned its popularity and credibility purely on the basis of marketing, let’s admit it, with the launch of the Big Bang, Hublot did change the way people perceive larger watches.

As for the Big Bang Millennial Pink – I can’t get enough of it. Why? Simple – It’s Pink! and those who know me, clearly know my obsession for the colour. For some, it is powder pink or pastel; for others, a subtle blend of beige and salmon, apricot and grapefruit. Intriguing and undefinable, Millennial Pink takes its place today as a pink which is not in the exclusive realm of women, nor that of men, but truly a symbol of a completely new generation. In the worlds of Hublot – This special hue marks a seismic shift which will change the status quo: established traditional values are being reconsidered through a lens of positivity. Pink – this pink – expresses a gentle, inclusive and confident approach to life. A fresh, young vision, full of substance, which redefines style. Amen to that!

This gender neutral beauty is designed in collaboration with Garage Italia and Lapo Elkann. Driven by unchained creativity, the Milan based concept-to-product trendmaker decodes the joys of Italian customization and translates them to beauties such as the new Big Bang Millennial Pink amongst others.

“At Garage Italia, we want to be part of a world where the character of every person is defined by their love of life and their inclusivity, rather than by their power or their superiority. More than simply a product, we want to create something which represents a positive change.” – Lapo Elkann, FOUNDER & CREATIVE CHAIRMAN of GARAGE ITALIA

True to its nature the 42-mm case made from modern, lightweight aluminium, a monochrome material, anodised, satin-finished and through-tinted millennial pink sets the perfect tone here. The “pink” here is not just any pink but a unique shade that is obtained by anodisation. Anodisation is a process which both protects and decorates a part, and which has the advantage of giving the case and its components the desired pastel shade. But that’s not it. It also has a remarkable resistance to scratches and impacts. The new Big Bang Millennial Pink is powered by an HUB1280 UNICO Manufacture self-winding chronograph movement that delivers a 72-hour power reserve. That gorgeous mat pink millennial skeleton dial is replete with intricate detailing including the mat pink appliques with white luminescent and the double clutch mechanism and column wheel. 

Aesthetically it does remind me of the 45mm beige ceramic Big Bang that the brand launched in 2019 – the Big Bang
SORAI. Another beautiful watch!

“At Hublot, we are particularly proud of the Art of Fusion. But the list of things we cherish also includes the ability to innovate, to change, to be different, and, of course, our watchmaking expertise. This Big Bang Millennial Pink that we have created with Lapo Elkann from Garage Italia sits perfectly within this pioneering vision. Our expertise in materials technology has enabled us to create a unique colour for this watch, Millennial Pink, symbolic of the world available to us, in its constant state of flux.”Ricardo Guadalupe CEO of HUBLOT

The Big Bang Millennial Pink is supplied with two straps that completely repurpose the unconventional. The first is made from rubber and has a deployant buckle made from titanium covered with a decorative layer of the same anodised and satin-finished millennial pink aluminium as the case. The second strap is a mix of Velcro and knitted PES fabric, and is secured with a sporty buckle in millennial pink anodised and polished aluminium. The two straps are easily interchangeable thanks to Hublot’s exclusive patented One Click system.

Disruptive, creating new codes for traditional luxury, the Big Bang Millennial Pink produced in collaboration with Garage Italia will only be available in a very exclusive limited edition of 200 pieces.

I don’t know about you guys but this is the first time I’ve used the term “beautiful” for a 42mm Big Bang 😉


19’900 CHF | 20’700 EUR | 20’900 USD

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