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Raw Power: RJ Arraw

by Hours and Minutes Australia

When the independent watchmaking brand Romain Jerome assumed a new identity as RJ, it made sure its presence was strongly felt with the launch of the new Arraw collection.

The Arraw collection is a step away from the brand’s earlier designs that featured distinctly ‘out-there’ elements and made use of exotic materials including fragments from the hull of the Titanic and even outer space. RJ, in its earlier avatar also collaborated with several pop-culture icons like Hello Kitty and Pac-Man to create almost-game like whimsical and fun timepieces. The Arraw collection, on the other hand features a simple, almost industrial design that still somehow remains completely in-tune with the RJ image.

RJ Arraw signifies the brand’s return to the basics and the use of raw materials to craft wearable, modern looking timepieces that continue to make a statement and appeal to a wide audience.

Designed and developed in just over 2 months, which has to be some kind of watchmaking record, the RJ Arraw Chronograph is available in a 45mm or 42mm size.

Drawing inspiration from RJ’s Titanic-DNA and Moon Dust watches, the case of the RJ Arraw is available in titanium, red gold or black ceramic for men and women. The dial of the Arraw Chronograph watches appear almost 3-dimensional with a depth created by a combination of sun-brushed, galvanized and gradient painted techniques which is then coated with a layer of transparent lacquer. The Arraw watches also feature RJ’s signature bumpers in black rubber.

The RJ2040 chronograph movement powers the Arraw timepieces and the 3 chronograph counters for hours, minutes and seconds are located at 6, 9 and 3 o’clock respectively, with a discreet date window at 6 o’clock as well.

In keeping with what seems to be one of this year’s most popular trends, the Arraw Chronograph comes with an easily interchangeable strap that requires no tools, with the strap being released by a simple push mechanism. The Arraw line was launched with a choice of interchangeable straps in rubber and alligator leather.

In another first for RJ, the Arraw line includes watches exclusively created for women, featuring bright feminine dials and straps in pink or white, accentuated with the sparkle of brilliant-cut diamonds. All the Arraw chronographs are water resistant upto 100m and mark the first step in the future of the RJ brand.

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