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VIDEO: TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph Collection

by Hours and Minutes Australia

Autavia is one of the most exciting sports watches by TAG Heuer. ‘AUT’ for automobile and ‘AVIA’ for aviation, the Autavia was a dashboard instrument used in racing cars and aircrafts from 1933-1957. The role ‘Autavia’ has played in both TAG Heuer’s history and the modern chronograph watch cannot be ignored.

After production of the Autavia dashboard timer stopped, the name was still available, and CEO at the time Jack Heuer decided to use it for the chronograph wristwatch the Swiss watchmaker launched in 1962. Immediately recognisable, this innovative new timepiece captured the energy and excitement of racing enthusiasts and armed forces around the world. The Autavia enjoyed great success and a sterling reputation until production ceased in 1985.

Earlier this year, at Baselworld 2019, TAG Heuer reintroduced the Autavia as a stand alone collection with seven new super stylish, highly innovative, technologically advanced, cockpit-inspired watches; all designed with the adventurous and daring spirit the Autavia is known for.

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